Custom Funiture Painting

Find Inspiration in what you already have!


Have a bedroom set, old dresser, dining room table, family heirloom, or any other furniture item? Using the most popular brand of decorative furniture paint – Annie Sloan Chalk Paint©, the piece will be transformed into something you will love for years many more to come.

Each project is hand-painted with a brush (we do not use paint spray), Creating one-of-a-kind art pieces designed and curated by our owner/artist Beth.

Inquirer in store, by email, or message us on Facebook. Please include (be as descriptive as possible):

  1. dimensions
  2. desired look
  3. repairs needed
  4. color
  5. photos

We usually can give a quote without physically seeing the piece, so please include lots of photos.

If an item is too large to be transported to our store or desires pickup, please let us know at the time of inquiry. This information helps us build a much more accurate quote if we have to account for travel or pickup.

We require a 50% deposit on all Custom Work.


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