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Cleaning Chalk Painted Furniture: A Helpful Guide

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Many people who love Chalk Paint furniture find that it’s difficult to keep clean. Chalk paint is a matte finish, which means dirt and other debris can stick to the surface more easily than with glossy surfaces. This blog post will show you how to clean Chalk Paint furniture so it looks new again!

How do I clean my furniture that is painted with Chalk Paint?

You can just wipe it off. You can’t use harsh products or tools on your piece. And you should avoid liquids and spray polishes. However, if there is a stain, use water with dish soap and rub it in gently.

How do I remove scuff marks?

If you want to remove scuff marks on your furniture, the best way is to use a clean cloth and Chalk Paint© Soft Wax. This will make the finish stronger and remove any marks. If you have accidentally damaged your finish by cleaning it, apply another coat of wax.

What if Oil spilled on my Chalk Painted Furniture?

If you spill oil on your project, use a degreaser (like Krud Kutter) to clean it. Then wipe it off with some water. Now you can access the damage. If there is a stain, lightly sand the surface and then paint or wax again. The degreaser will make your finished project look bad, so do not use too much of it.

What if I get Lipstick or Makeup on my Chalk Painted furniture?

If you get lipstick or makeup on your finished project, you will need to clean it with a degreaser. This will remove any oil. Then wipe it with clean water to remove any chemical residue that might be left behind. Sometimes when people wear lipstick, they have colored a surface, and then you will need to sand and repaint the area where it was stained.

What if I get Nail Polish on my Chalk Painted furniture?

If you spill nail polish on your finished project, you will need to wipe off the nail polish and let the surface dry completely. You will then need to lightly sand that area and repaint and wax the entire surface.

What if I Overheat or Burn my Chalk Painted furniture?

If the finish has been discolored from scorching or is bubbling or peeling. The bubbling and peeling paint should be sanded until smooth. Then you can repaint and wax the entire surface.

What if I spill Water on my Chalk Painted furniture?

If water gets on the paint, wipe it up quickly. If you do this, you will see some spots in your paint. After a few hours, these spots will disappear and your paint will be fine. Keep the area that has water damage dry then lightly sand and paint again with a coat of wax to protect it. If there is too much water damage, the paint may peel off. In this case sand down the peeling area before painting again with wax to protect it from further damage.

What if my Chalk Painted furniture gets scratched?

Scratches are easy to fix. If you want to blend it into the paint, use sandpaper that is medium or fine-grit and then paint over it. However, you can also just paint over the scratch if you want. As the wax cures, it will look normal and not be noticeable anymore.

Chalk paint is meant to be distressed and worn, so a few scratches here and there will add character.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your Chalk Painted furniture clean, we’ve got the answer! We hope these tips are helpful as you maintain and care for this beautiful finish. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.