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Is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Right for My Project?

No Prep just Paint Annie Sloan

Is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Right for My Project?

Ready to turn that old dresser, kitchen cabinets, or maybe a family heirloom that needs some modernization into a masterpiece? Curious if Chalk Paint® is the right medium to bring your vision to life? Love DIY and want an easy project? Then this article is for you!

Chalk Paint® comes in a variety of colors to suit every need. From Pure White to warm pastel green of Lem Lem.

What Exactly is Chalk Paint®?

Let’s go over if using Chalk Paint® is right for you!

No Prep just Paint Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is an amazing, easy-to-use product that will have you painting furniture in no time. It doesn’t require any priming, and it can be used as soon as the surface is ready! Chalk Paint® can be used on anything from furniture to walls and even fabric, too! Chalk paints are durable enough for inside projects or outside ones.

Chalk Paint® isn’t just a smart time-saving option; it’s an environmentally friendly one too! Chalky Paint is created with no harmful solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). That means fewer fumes in the air and safer workspaces!

Chalk Paint® should only take one or two coats if applied correctly but will look fuller with two coats. Chalk paint® does not require sanding in between coats. However, a light scuff with a sanding pad will ensure even application and coverage. Use Chalk Paint® on any dry surface, including glass, wood, metal, ceramic tile, and fabric!

Chalk Paint® should be applied using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Brushes for the best coverage and look. They are specially designed for the consistency of the paint and leave a smooth finish when dry.

Many people are concerned about whether Chalk Paint® will hold up on high-traffic pieces. The short answer is yes, but only if you take the time to seal it properly with wax after every coat. With Annie Sloan paint in particular, be sure to apply two or three layers of soft wax and allow each layer to cure before applying another one fully. You should never have a problem! If using Dark Wax you should be more conservative of your use as it will darken as you add more layers.

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Chalk Paint® is nonreactive and will not react with metal hardware causing blemishes or defects in the finish.

It’ll likely look nice for several years but allow you easily maintain any changes later on by simply rewaxing the surface when it starts looking shabby, which may not be necessary since there are other methods like using lacquer or even polyurethane sealers (though note they will lose its original sheen).

If you want to make your chalk paint more durable and last longer, the lacquer is a great option. However, it might take away from the matte finish that makes these projects so beautiful in the first place!

Cleaning up is easy! You don’t need any harsh chemicals to clean up after using chalk paints, either. Just use soap and hot inside of five minutes for cleanup. Since Chalk paint dries quickly, it makes it easy to clean up! And the best part is how little you need for each project, so they go a long way! The less you use, the less mess you will create!

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